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Seven Point Eight melds great song writing and deep lyrics with innovative musical tracks.  Worshipful yet not "worship music" as it has come to be known this music stands out as creative and artistic.  
Their wonderful harmonies are unexpected and interesting. Seven Point Eight is an experience from beginning to end.

Almost Instrumental is a slight departure for gersh and Brynn. While listening to her iTunes one day, Brynn realized that there was a collection of songs that gersh had created over the years that she loved to listen to for peace and relaxation. With much prodding, Brynn was able to talk gersh into mastering and releasing those wonderful songs.  

This album incorporates gersh's emotive piano playing with his amazing synthesis. Just about every keyboard sound you hear was created by gersh. Brynn plays some acoustic guitar on a few tracks and adds some vocal interludes to make this record "Almost" Instrumental. If you liked the innovative synth work that gersh was known for in Whiteheart, you're sure to enjoy this side of his creativity. It truly shows the breadth of his talent.