About soulbreather

 In the rich storied history of pop and rock music, many bands were born in a dusty garage somewhere in suburbia. The procedure is simple- back out mom’s minivan and bring in the drums and the Marshalls.  One of the many ways that the singer/songwriter duo soulbreather stands out as unique is that they began their musical path not in a garage but at an altar.    

Brynn was the quintessential California girl, the keyboardist, vocalist, and chief songwriter for the all-women Christian rock group Rachel Rachel.  Gersh was a homespun Indiana boy, one of the founding members of the groundbreaking and innovative band Whiteheart.  Opposites attract, and when Rachel Rachel opened for Whiteheart on a nine month national tour in 1993, Brynn and gersh fell in love on the keyboard riser and were married not long after in Nashville. 

Soon they realized that they shared not only a love for each other but also for great songs.  Brynn penned two number one songs for Rachel Rachel and gersh had written over twenty number one songs for Whiteheart and other Christian artists.  After a while they began to write together in their home studio.   Stretching far beyond their rock band roots,  Brynn revived her musical first love, fingerpicking the acoustic guitar and gersh experimented with blending acoustic piano with the synth colors and electronic textures for which he was famous in Whiteheart.    

In 2012, soulbreather released their first project entitled seven point eight.  Critics praised their lacy, inventive two-part vocals and their intimate and unafraid lyrics.  The following years were spent playing the music of seven point eight at churches around the country as well as leading soulbreather worship seminars in many of those churches.  In 2018, soulbreather released Come Along and in 2021 they released a new music project that speaks  to the unusually stressful time that we are living in presently. In addition, gersh is writing a book that will further the vision of soulbreather and greatly expand the live soulbreather concert experience.